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Our Story

Our home, (the Original Pinecone Cottage ), was built as a Golf Cottage in 1905.

When we moved into our home in 1990, as only the third owners of the Cottage, we fell in love with the towering Pine Trees, which peppered the ground with Pine Cones. Upon completion of one of many exhausting Pine Cone clean up projects, we decided that our Cottage should be named “ Pinecone Cottage”.

Being avid gardeners for many years, we planted seasonal and perennial Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables. The abundance of such led Pam to offer some for sale. People loved coming to the Original Pinecone Cottage Vegetable Stand using the “ Honor System “ –

Take what you need, and leave the change in the Mason jar.

Some of the excess Vegetables were canned and sold as Preserves,

Chutneys, Dilled Veggies and Sauces. And, soon came the addition of Fresh Home Baked Goods.

Pam’s customers enjoyed these handcrafted items, and began to inquire regarding her willingness to cater their functions.

After hosting some of these parties, which began to include both Bridal & Baby Shower Teas in our home and gardens, we came to the conclusion that moving to a professional facility, would be the next logical step.

In 2002, Pinecone Cottage Tea House & Catering, was born.

Since opening, our Afternoon Tea and Catering Menus change monthly, incorporating seasonally available ingredients, many of which still are grown in the Original Pinecone Cottage Gardens.

We invite you to join us, for a relaxing respite, from the fast pace of everyday life.

Sit down, choose a pot of Tea from our vast Loose Tea Collection, and savor Pinecone Cottage’s unique Five Course Afternoon Tea.

We look forward to serving you !

Your Hosts,

Pam & Paul Geralds

We had a bridal shower at the Pinecone Cottage Tea Room on July 16, 2006 for my daughter-in-law. It was so delightful! The sandwiches were absolutely delicious and the lemon scones were the best I have ever tasted. The service there was excellent and the featured tea had a pleasant, fruity taste - perfect for a hot summer day. Cold tea was also offered.  We were allowed to bring our own cake and sweets to the shower.  So many of our guest commented on what a pleasurable afternoon they enjoyed.

- Jill Zownorega 09/25/06

This tea house has great food and is a bit different than a traditional tearoom. The focus is less on the tea itself and more on the entire meal and experience. The food varies each month, and the tea service includes several items you would not ordinarily have in a tea setting, which I really enjoyed. We had a baby shower there which was a wonderful experience. The owner seemed a bit scattered on the phone, but when we got there our service was excellent. She let us stay as long as we wanted, we got the whole place to ourselves, she entertained the member of our party who was under 5 years old, and actually ended up charging us less than we had originally agreed on for some reason! The atmosphere is cozy and quaint, with a beautiful interior. Every course was well-made, and although I didn't personally like the selection of desserts she had that day, I loved everything else. It was a refreshing alternative to the traditional predictable tea service, and a great place to have a party!

- M Hood 11/30/05

I have been to lots of tea house, but Pinecone is an experience in itself! From the warm and cozy ambience to the attention of details and the food! Oh mine, the food! The food is incredible. This tea house offers and experience in gourmet tea food, if such thing exists. Every month the menu is different and I will definetely make this a monthly stop with girlfriends. The food is so delicious and surprising in flavor and texture that I was looking forward to the next item on the Menu. I just couldn't stop eating! I highly recommend Pinecone for anyone that wants good food, cozy ambience and great service!

- Joane Ramsey 11/11/05

Quaint, cozy tearoom. Great service, extensive tea selection, menu changes monthly. Each item on the menu is an wonderful adventure in taste, texture and presentation. Highly recommended! Everything I've ever had here has been fantastic! If you're looking for a special place and a delightful experience, you've found it!

- Barb Duke 11/07/05

Adorable tea room with fabulous food, great service and reasonable prices. Everything is quite original and done just a bit differently than the norm. Seasonal offerings from the owner's garden at home with all food homemade. An ever changing menu with monthly themes-according to seasons and holidays and menu selections taken from the owners extensive cookbook collection. Offers a unique newsletter with a personal touch. Also does catering,private parties,provides carry out meals and offers cooking and crafting classes. Extremely nice experience whatever you go there for.I've been to many local tea rooms and this is one of the best.I don't know where these other people have been but this is one place to go to for a wonderful and homey experience.

- Gail Monick 11/05/05


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